Apiculture and our philosophy



Climate change, pandemics, economic crises, disorientation, lack of values… We have to change course! Sustainable development and a clean, green, healthy, safe and more resilient economy are pursued … What is our response?

We can all do our bit to improve. There is a great opportunity for creative and authentic companies like ours, if you fulfill strong values ​​every day. What does this mean specifically?
We base the development of the O MARQUESADO brand on the EXCELLENCE of products and service to our customers.

ENVIRONMENTAL COMMITMENT is an integral part of our APISOPHY. We love nature and we care about conserving it, with a very important contribution to biodiversity.

We start in a rural environment, where nobody considers it as an economic activity. RURAL ECONOMIC REVITALIZATION is the only way to deal with the “emptied Spain”, which is talked about so much without taking measures and for which funds are provided, without the money reaching where it is needed.

We live our work with ILLUSION, CREATIVITY, INNOVATION and PERSISTENCE, and we are very proud to maintain the beekeeping FAMILY TRADITION since its inception in 1896.

We are committed to the artisanal elaboration of raw honey without pasteurization, obtaining that excellent HONEY O MARQUESADO, awarded internationally for its extraordinary QUALITY.

We control all processes from the hive to the consumer, as they say “from honeycomb to palate”. The consumer has the right to total TRANSPARENCY of our production. Only then can you assess the difference.

We are committed to CERTIFICATIONS for HONEY O MARQUESADO by international laboratories, achieving outstanding results, well above Premium honeys.

We follow rigorous SANITARY CONTROL processes, because it is a food product, with which it is not played. Regulations related to honey are deficient and do not sufficiently protect the consumer. We want to implement another STANDARD OF PERFORMANCE in beekeeping.

We live and work very close to our apiaries. We are committed to PERMANENT SETTLEMENTS. We renounce stressful and exploitative methods such as transhumance, as they are harmful to animals and the environment. Although regulations allow this method, it does not mean that it is correct.

And finally we return to the starting point: We fight for a SUSTAINABLE ECONOMY, which favors the professional and local beekeeper.

Join our APISOFÍA and act now!

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